Our Footwear

We believe in the adage that a person's footwear says a lot about them

Yes, the people who wear our sneakers are looking for classic design of the highest quality; but what they value is that in buying Hawk & Sole footwear, they contribute towards our mission of helping create a more equitable society.


Stitched to the back of Hawk & Sole sneakers is our signature "stripe," an unmistakable identifier of our unique brand.

subtle & sophisticated style

back view of luxury low top sneakers

Premium Materials

Our sneakers are made from a sumptuous vegetable-tanned Italian leather distinguished by its soft, buttery finish. As time passes, the color darkens and develops a patina, ensuring that each pair of Hawk & Sole sneakers has their own distinctive character - just like the people who wear them.

create a soft buttery finish

Artisan Workmanship

Whether its full-grain, supple nappa or Vachetta leathers, at Hawk & Sole we only use the most premium materials for our products. It doesn't end there, every sneaker is hand-stitched and assembled in the United States. Attention to every detail is reviewed in our demand for excellence. Let our luxury sneakers lay the foundation for your perfect fashion statement.

Manufacturing focused on quality & perfection


We are committed to making footwear that is so beautiful, well-made, and classic that our customers treasure each pair for many years. As a result, this reduces the number of shoes that end up in landfills. Moreover, we produce our shoes at factories that understand how to construct each shoe with minimal waste. We take our ongoing responsibility to improve the impact we have on our planet seriously.

We take the planet and your investment seriously